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About David

Having done coaching, bodywork, and tantra for over 25 yrs now, I am extensively skilled and passionate about what I do. Whether you are seeking relief for chronic physical or emotional pain, looking to connect with your inner peace, or or reaching a new level of awareness in your life, you will find I'm a powerful transformative partner.

I hold a space of unconditional love without judgment for you to engage in the exploration, healing and transformation that you hold the keys to yourself.

I create a safe space and to shine the light on areas you may be not be fully aware of, that may shift your entire perception and experience of yourself and the world.

My extensive training in communication and listening gives me the ability to not only identify subtle, disempowering beliefs and thoughts, but to connect with your own, innate ability to have mastery over which thoughts to give power to. My clients say my nurturing approach makes it easy to relax and release, and authentically look at whatever they wish to.

I celebrate all sexual orientations and genders.

I have an appreciation for all authentic spiritual paths. I adjust my vocabulary according to what best suits your preference, as I have no attachment to any religion or spiritual approach. For me, it is all just different ways of expressing universal truths. <3


Asheville Male Massage master therapist

2010 - present

2010 - present

Experience and Training


David Salih LMBT #16742


2015 - present

Swami Ravi Rudra Bharati

lineage of Swami Rama

Including a 3 year Tantra Teachers Intensive


Landmark Education

2004 - 2014

Leader and coach for Self-Expression and Leadership Programs

Curriculum for Living

Communications Curriculum

Leadership Program

Wisdom Curriculum


Food Healing Certification

2013 with Jeff Primack


Hands of Light

2008 with Barbara Brennan

Licensed Massage


Florida College of Natural Health

Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications


Texas Wesleyan University, Fort Worth, TX

'It was “delicious” and damn fun to spend time connecting with you and feeling my chakras align during the process. I am trying to integrate without over thinking... I know that getting things logically for me is not challenging, but allowing that to sink into my body is another story.

Thank you for providing such a safe (and fun/exciting) space and for joining me out there on the limb! It’s quite special and indeed something that has already set energy in motion (no pun) where I am excited to jump into this journey with both feet. I feel so many things right now that it’s challenging to put them into words at this point. I guess they are marinating, but I feel this strong sense of optimism, excitement, possibility.'


'The experience was profound and your guidance on this journey continues to be so meaningful to me. You have made a monumental impact on my life and my recovery, and for that I am very grateful.'



'I don't fully understand how your touch can feel so powerful.'

 -Barry Spark

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