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Mind, Body, and Soul Coaching

'Soul coaching' is a yogic approach to healing and development in mind, body, heart, and soul integration.


When one chooses to take on soul coaching, a sacred agreement is entered. The results achieved in this agreement are profound and life-altering. I coach people from all walks of life, with many different types of goals.


Most coaching operates on an intellectual level. I will work with you on levels of not only mind, but also body, heart, and soul levels. I include issues that are on a cellular level, generational, familial, or even ancestral levels. In other words, inherited patterns that have been around much, much longer than you, that may really take something to completely free yourself from.


I offer a complimentary consultation to discuss what you are creating next for your life, answer questions you have, and to explore whether a partnership together will be a good fit.


I look forward to hearing from you, and inquiring into what your heart's deepest desires are, what your soul's callings are, even if you aren't sure what those are yet.


Below are some of the things people have said regarding their work with me. While these are appreciative acknowledgments of me, I must emphasize that  I am merely a facilitator. All of these results were accomplished through Spirit, and each individual's personal efforts and connection with the Divine Source.

I felt this complete transformation of energy- I did not know I had all this hurt, anger, sadness all built up inside me. I had lost my father over a year ago and I was keeping it all inside me. Letting my depression and anger eat me up. This was my first session with David but I hope to have many more with him. I walked away feeling love. happiness, a positive energy just running through me. I could feel the peace and love of God surrounding me. Nothing i had ever experienced in a massage before.

I thank David for bringing light and positive energy back into me! Something I needed and did not even know I was missing! David is great at working with you and he really has a sense of what is going on with his clients...

I feel light, happiness, positive energy and love! All things I needed to help me get pass the grieving I was going through with the loss of my father.


                                                                                                                                  -Doug Goldman, Charlotte, NC

I began my journey working with David Salih a little over three months ago.

I initially came to see him for body work, however I quickly realized that massage is only one of his many gifts. We began working weekly by introducing meditation, personal and professional advice, and spiritual guidance. His ability to adapt and intuitively know how to approach each different session is, well, magical. The combination of all the various healing based modalities we practice has enabled me to calmly reach the highest levels of fulfillment in my life. I've discovered an 'integrated' me, which allows me to simply enjoy 'being present' as I navigate daily interactions and situations. Finally, I am a man in recovery from addiction.. David's spiritual approach to his work compliments step work beautifully.


In essence, David is my mind, body, and soul guru. In his hands, I look forward to continuing to unveil the greatest expression of myself.


                                                                                             -Danny C, international photographer and entrepreneur

Thank God for healers, those who guide us back to our center, our truth,

 our health and inner peace. Thank you, David.


                                                                                                                                                                -Rafael Casas-Don

For almost 6 months my eyes had been watering almost continuously.

As a result, I would have red streaks down my face, my eyes were red and irritated, and my vision was greatly impaired... as if I was looking through a glass of water to see. When I took my vision test to get my new license in Florida, I had to go back to wearing glasses, the vision was affected so much.


I had gone to 6 different eye appointments where procedures were done to my eyes cleansing and clearing the pathway of my tear duct. I would experience relief from the tearing for a day or two, then it would begin again.


When I met with David Salih about the problem, we looked at the issue metaphorically. Why would my body be crying, basically. What issue is left unattended? As we went into a deep spiritual place together, David worked his healing blessing. Many thoughts came up around the issues we discussed. We met each thought with compassion and love, releasing it. 


I felt warmth moving through my soul and my eyes. When I got up from the healing session, I knew something had changed in my soul. But, would my soul revelation be reflected in my eyes, was my instant thought.


The day after the session, my eyes stopped watering. One month after the session, I went back to the DMV and got my eyes retested and was able to get the restriction lifted from my driver's license. My eyes are perfectly fine and my vision is totally restored.


Thank you, David, for taking my healing to the next level.


                                                                                                      -Bo Sebastian, author and clinical hypnotherapist

David Salih guided me for 3 precious months that completely changed my life forever.

He was present, insightful and allowing. I always felt better about who I was and where I was in my process, after being in his presence. His honesty and authenticity helped bridged an alignment that I created with myself that has lasted and strengthened over time and my gratefulness still grows and grows.


-Lynne Hyde

I now have more confidence and have become better at setting boundaries.

This is the best thing that's ever happened to me. You are magic, magic, magic.


                                                               -Greg Wencel, International Makeup Artist, Speaker, and P1M co-founder

Thank You David Salih for sharing your amazing healing gift with me.
Being healed by a gentle yet powerful Man gave me permission to believe in the loving brotherhood I have always wanted in my life. It also helped me in reconnecting with my place in the world during a time when I lost my way. I thank you, and my Family thanks you. You have returned their Father to them with a open and healed heart. You also brought clarity to an incomplete relationship that was stopping me from seeing the people in my life for who they truly are. All of this, in just a few hours of loving exchange.

I am blessed you are in this life. Thank you!


                                                                                                                                           -Matthew Ewing, yoga teacher

That morning I experienced something like no other. You opened yourself to me and gave me such a feeling of acceptance I have never felt before. You gave me a sense of belonging. Thank you!


                                                                                                                                                    -Randy in Simpsonville,SC

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