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What will YOUR sessions be like? Each session is unique, but I can give you an idea of elements you can expect.
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What can I expect for my first consultation?

For your complimentary consultation, we discuss what you desire and require, how I work, and see if we a good fit for each other.  You'll get a sense of who I am and what our interactions will be like, as well as receive input regarding what I see as being the next step for you to fulfill on what you're wanting to experience, explore, and transform. My intention is that, whether or not we decide to work together, your consultation is of value to you.


Your clients share experiences that sound more involved than typical coaching or bodywork. Why is that?



The healing and transformational work I do connects you to your own innate ability to heal and integrate.  I am a mere conduit and guide. How deeply you'd like your experience to be is your choice. People come to me for many reasons, ranging from healing deep emotional issues, to breaking through to new levels of experience.

What is 'tantra' ?



The Sanskrit word 'tantra' means 'the practice that leads to spiritual liberation'. Tantra is a transformational path which explores sacred intimacy with all of life, including eroticism. Being much more than an esoteric philosophy, tantra shows us how to embody this. Conceptually understanding ideas and insights only goes so far... it's in the actually embodying/ living these truths in our body, that real,experiential transformation happens.

Do you offer 'tantric massage' ?



I do not offer 'tantric massage' or erotic massage at this time.

What might I expect in my actual session?
We will have an informal conversation when you arrive, generally starting with a conversation about tantra, what you'd like to experience or get out of your session, settling into each other's energy, and creating a safe 'space' for you, meaning a space of non-judgement and acceptance from me, and honoring whatever your body's 'yesses' and 'nos' are for the session. The rest comes out of that, incorporating physical embodiment, breathwork, meditation, and/or discussion, depending on what feels right to us.
Your session will be completely unpredictable and unique to your needs, curiosities, and desires. As a tantric yogi, I'll guide you in 'feeling into' and 'riding' the creative life-force energy that moves through all, and feeling where it wants to take us, including clearing out obstacles to that journey.  That could be done through an exercise, bodywork, energywork, conversation, breathing, meditation, depending on what feels right to us. The healing power of pleasure is instrumental in our exploration, and will likely be a mix of playfulness, intensity, epiphany, and ecstacy. Often, fears, judgments, old thought patterns or buried emotions may come up, and they are also welcome.

What intentions might I want to bring to my session?


Some intentions my clients have chosen include:

How can I release body shame and/or sexual shame?

How can I connect better with my body/my partner/my desire?

How can I fully embody the inner work I've done?

How can I be more accepting of my sexuality/sexual expression?

How can I integrate my sexual expression and my soul expression?

How can I heal my body/heart/past trauma?

How can I transform an area of my life that feels blocked?

How can I experience more freedom and self-expression?

How can I move through my fear/doubt/self judgment?

How can I better ask for and receive what I desire?

What hours do you work?


I'm available noon - 10 pm most days.



What types of payment do you accept?

I prefer cash, and can also accept Zelle.


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